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Clown In The Prayer Closet Movie Trailer

Evangelism through the ARTS!

Denise thought she knew it all at 16 years old, until she decided to come home from church and take off the, “Armor of God and put on something Fly.”

Little did she know that taking off her armor in the middle of battle was the worse mistake that any soldier could ever make.

This great story is written by Lisa Bryant who paints a colorful picture of a teen age girl, Denise.

Shortly after she dedicates her life to Christ, she leaves the safety of the Sanctuary into the arms of a new love.

Clown In The Prayer Closet takes its reader on a mental journey of life, puppy love, sex, drugs, dysfunctional family life and teen pregnancy.

Will Denise be able to hold on to her salvation?
A great Stage Play with some great life lessons.

A great message for teenagers!